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Affiliates ("Alliance Partners") Wanted


The Get Girls Ventures product line is a fast-developing brand. And this is not some one-girl operation. 

We have top talent on board from 7+ figure marketers, top copywriter, in-house conversion specialist, writing assistants plus our overseas team. 

We're bringing a professional approach to fill a need in the "dating online" market.  

We have a growing product line to be rolled out across 2014 and beyond.

The first entry, is our big bad bible of Facebook flirting and Facebook fucking:


So What's the Story With

Our course is a 71 page core manual, packaged along with a 16min 45sec minute raw-talk interview, and our quick start checklist and, finally, a Conversations and Scripts template booklet.

We stack our offer with value and even include Fast Action Bonuses to boost your conversions further.

Our content is taught by a woman, a former dating coach. 

Our company is here to stay. This is not a one-off product just to make $100,000 on Clickbank. That's not worth our time or your time to get involved with. 

And our Affiliate Relations Manager Tim is always available for any of your needs. Custom ideas? Custom tools? Useful feedback? Just tell us. If it's good, we'll create it, implement it or support your big-commission-earning goals in any way we can.

You're Not A Dirty Slut!


Most merchants in this industry treat you like a dirty slut.

They hit on you and "flirt" with you. 

You decide to "sleep" with them so you mail for them once. 

Or you run ads for them once.

And the one-night-stand ends...

You're left doing the walk of shame..

And they're off to find the next sloppy, drunk thing to fool around with without even caring if your needs were met.

You Can Expect Us to Keep It Classy.

Promise: We treat affiliates (our "Alliance Partners") like the valued promotional partners they are (and like many competitors CLAIM they'll treat their affiliates). Expect random gifts and bonuses for performance, and more importantly our continued work in-house to build new landing page, optimize conversions, monitor our metrics and always increase the dollars you walk away with.

Warning: That being said, we don't tolerate low ethic practices and, unfortunately, we can't play ball with bench-warmers. If you're not seriously looking for a professional brand and high value product in the dating space to earn consistent and big commission checks from, then we probably have no reason to play together.

Sexy Commissions

280% Commissions for Get Girls On Facebook is All Yours.

33% Commissions For Get Girls Coaching.

20% for any Tier 2 Commissions on BOTH products.

Sell a $300+ value product for just $7.95. We then rebill your customers $49 after a 14 day trial period.

$7.95 + $49 from Get Girls On Facebook. $50/month (recurring) from Get Girls Coaching. You keep 33%.

Generate $100,000 in front end sales... you keep $80,000 as yours. 

Generate $50,000 in Coaching sales... you keep at a bare minimum $16,500 as your commission checks. 

Generate $50,000 in TIER 2 commissions… you get a check for $10,000.

We take care of the customer support, product fullfilment, retention strategies to keep refunds to absolute dull zero. And all the usual. 

Register For Alliance Partner Early-Announcements Of New Products In Our Product Line, New Marketing Tools, Tested Tactics and Special Sales You Can Take Part In:

Why you should promote us?

  • Our salescopy was written by a 7 figure marketer and copywriter
  • Our page designs were created by the same designer who worked with Jordan Bellfort (Wolf On Wall Street) and Frank Kern
  • Our product was revised and editted by a published novelist
  • Our video was produced by one of the leading video producers and VSL creators in the industry.
  • We hired a well known comedian for various parts of the sales process
  • Tens of thousands went into design and development
  • We are a product series not a single offer... with currently 3 products and 1 in the works
  • Our "facebook" focus is evergreen. Articles and studies confirm that, to this day, Facebook is still the largest site for dating and flirting.
  • We offer clients COACHING to maximize their results (and reduce refunds)
  • Our media buyer formerly ran ads for 8-figure internet marketing "gurus".
  • We host a Dating And Tanks event for the Dating niche... with Tanks. Our affiliates always get an invite.
  • You get your own affiliate manager.
  • If you have a large enough audience, we'll create custom content... including podcasts, webinars, blog posts, info-graphics, banners, exit pop ups, emails and more exclusive to your audience.
  • We're one of the only top-tier dating/seduction courses with our girl as the hero

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Talk to our Affiliate Relations Manager, Rob.


Rob Toth

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